Why Aruba Is the Caribbean Island You Have to Visit in 2018

The thought of Aruba conjures up images of fofoti trees leaning lazily over white sand beaches; of tangled mangroves shading still, turquoise waters. But those who venture beyond the idyllic west coast will find it’s an island of topographical contradictions: Just minutes from those familiar tropical scenes, cacti rise from arid earth while volcanic cliffs are beaten down by powerful surf to the east.

Everything to Know About Swimming With Pigs in the Bahamas

Step onto the white-sand beaches of the Exumas — a chain of more than 365 tiny Bahamian islands and sleepy cays — and you'll be struck with the feeling that you're the first to discover this remarkable corner of the planet. Here it's iguana tails, not human footprints, that leave marks in the sand, and stumbling upon a gleaming pink conch shell the size of your head is as common as having a new shade of blue catch your eye each time you survey the surrounding waters.

How to Get a Free Stopover in Rome (Video)

They say Paris is always a good idea, but when you're craving a slice of la dolce vita (or just a bowl of carbonara), there's no place like Rome. Somewhere between sipping Frascati in an elegant wine bar near the Spanish Steps and shopping for leather shoes on Via Condotti, however, your dream Roman holiday can easily catch up with your wallet. Luckily, Alitalia is now offering free stopovers of up to three nights in the Eternal City — which means you can spend all that cash you would've spent on airfare on pizza and Prada instead.

If You’re Having Trouble Sleeping, a Weekend of Camping Could Be the Cure

Whether it's caused by jet lag, stress at work, a Netflix obsession, or just your internal clock, there's nothing fun about struggling to fall asleep. Anyone who's been there knows late nights spent tossing and turning lead to caffeine-dependent mornings, and the cycle can be vicious. But a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder, says you should start saving that latte money and put it towards a much better cure: a weekend camping trip.

Samantha Brown Is Still Traveling the World — and She's Finally Doing It Her Way

As quick to crack a joke at her own expense while navigating a new place as she is to bond with a complete stranger on the other side of the world, Samantha Brown has been making travel look like pure fun for more than 15 years. But when the veteran host sat down to talk about her new show at a quaint Parisian cafe near her home in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on a chilly December afternoon in the midst of the holiday rush, the word that came up most often was “effort.”

How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World, According to People Who Have Done It

We’ll be the first to admit gorgeous travel bloggers Jack Morris, 26, and Lauren Bullen, 24, who met in Fiji and have been involved in a jet-setting romance ever since, are tough to emulate. But Morris, who started out as a broke backpacker and now makes up to $9,000 for one sponsored Instagram post, was kind enough to give the rest of us some tips on how he makes his feed so desirable.

Michelangelo's Villa Is for Sale and It's a True Tuscan Dream

If you've never dreamed of packing your bags, leaving it all behind, and moving to a villa in the Italian countryside a la “Under the Tuscan Sun,” well, congratulations — your life must be pretty awesome. For the rest of us, there's a sprawling 10-bedroom, seven-bathroom “farmhouse” for sale in Castellina in Chianti (a picturesque town between Florence and Siena) that puts that hunk of junk Diane Lane bought to absolute shame.
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